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For most investors the idea of a completely hands off investment that can deliver great monthly cashflow as well as long term capital gain is the best they can wish for. A well-designed HMO managed by our sister company HMO LETS will give you just that.

At OAKhouse Living Spaces we work with our investors to find the right property at the right price, we refurbish and convert it into a well-designed HMO, get it licenced and let, then manage it for you. Not only will you earn income from the rent but also have capital appreciation from the property over time.

 NB OAKhouse Living Spaces are specialists in sourcing the right property at the right price so the majority if not all of your initial investment is returned once the property is finished re-financed and tenanted meaning your ROI (return on investment) is infinite and you have the funds to purchase your next investment property.

Property Sourcing

OAKhouse Living Spaces works with some of the best sourcers in the business We offer a quite unique bespoke service. Once you have completed our in depth client/property profile we will get to work to find you the right property and provide you with a comprehensive analysis clearing showing all relevant costs and potential returns!  So just tell us what you want and we will set about finding for you.

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