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What is supported living

Supported living is generally defined as housing where support and/or care services are provided to help people to live as independently as possible. This means that they have a home of their own and will benefit from a greater level of autonomy as far as their environment is concerned.


People may live in an individual flat or have a room in a house with two or three other adults with similar support needs. Personalised care and support are designed and provided according to the needs of the individual, with a focus on maintaining, or if appropriate, increasing independence. Visiting support workers will work with individuals to help them live the way they want to and access services and social activities as required. While meals are not provided, support workers can assist with shopping and cooking as needed.

What is supported living

What are the benefits for providers

OAKhouse Living Spaces has many years’ experience managing Supported living properties for providers. We recognise that most providers have very busy schedules meeting their clients’ needs and managing their staff. Knowing that the management of their buildings is being expertly looked after by us gives them piece of mind and allows them to concentrate on what they do best. Support their users.

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Small description here perhaps?

What are the benefits for Providers

What are the benefits for landlords

There are numerous benefits from leasing your property to a supported living provider with OAKhouse Living Spaces. Below are just a few.


With supported living arrangements, tenants lease your property for durations ranging from 2 to 10 years.

Landlords familiar with the rental market will understand how a high turnover of  tenants can very quickly eat into their profits. Even brief vacancy periods, coupled with minimal maintenance tasks between occupants, can incur significant expenses, including repair costs and tenant find/referencing fees, thereby reducing significantly over a short period of time on an average buy-to-let property. However, when a supported living provider leases your property, you have no for void periods throughout the lease's duration. This ultimately translates to a net gain over the lease term.


Landlords that lease their properties to supported living provider through OAKhouse Living Spaces benefit from our full and comprehensive management service which guarantees your property will be well maintained and managed leaving them to be completely hands off whilst comfortable in the knowledge everything is being taken care of. If you typically manage your properties yourself, this arrangement can result in significant time savings.


Most supported living leases will make the provider responsible for most maintenance. The only aspects that are still the responsibility of the landlord is the structure of the building ie walls and roof, and also the boiler both of which will be covered under insurance and warranty policies therefore you should never get an unexpected bill during the lease of the property, while also saving you time.


Once your property is leased to a provider, you will no longer be responsible for utilities or council tax bills. While this might not affect your standard buy-to-let property, Its something HMO and Serviced Accommodation landlords, particularly have been very concerned about more and more in recent times. This means when you lease your property to a supported living provider you will receive a guaranteed set amount each and every month.

What ar the benefits for landlords
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